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Meditation has been shown to have benefits to health and wellbeing. It is a life skill which can be used to help cope with stress, sleep better, improve focus and generally feel happier.


As time goes on the positive impact of meditation is becoming more widely recognised and doctors are starting to prescribe it to patients suffering with a huge range of mental and physical illnesses all over the world.


Throughout the course you will learn in depth about the positive impact meditation has on your health and through regular practice you will be able to see the benefits show up in your everyday life.

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The course is a live over a period of 4 weeks with each week consisting of one lesson and some guided meditations. Each week is a one hour class. It is also recommended you practice one meditation per day for at least 15 minutes and keep a record of this. You will be provided with a meditation journal you can complete, or you are welcome to record it any way you wish. Your daily meditation can be one of the ones provided with the course, any guided meditation from YouTube/Spotify etc or you can practice in silence (although this is not recommended for beginners).

The course is run either online or in person but the curriculum is the same. The dates and links to book the course are below. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at 

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Join like-minded people and Mindful Nic in a private Facebook community where you are encouraged to discuss course content, anything you are enjoying and support each other through the journey. Nic will do her best to reply to all comments in the group within 24 hours and will offer up suggestions for anything you are struggling with. This is made to be a nurturing environment so the group will be moderated and anyone deemed to not be following the rules will be removed.

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